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The documentation below refers to the shepherd branch.

The Build System

PDCLib is built with Jam. The only tested and supported version is FT Jam 2.5.3rc2, which you can find here.


PDClib requires at minimum a C99 capable compiler, and recommends a C11 capable one. The following compilers are suggested:

  • Recent versions of GCC (GPLv3)
  • Recent versions of Clang (UUIC) (in C99 mode; Clang's C11 mode is not yet sufficiently functional)

Compilers which are partially working

  • OpenWatcom: PDCLib builds on OpenWatcom, but the test suite does not link.

Other compilers which may work, but are untested:

Compilers which will not work

  • Microsoft Visual C(++), as it lacks C99 support (and Microsoft have explicitly stated that this is not an aim)

Future directions include a better compiler abstraction and detection system.

Specify the C compiler to be used to build PDClib with the CC environment variable.

Linkers & Librarians

The PDCLib tests at present assumes GNU LD, or compatible linker. Removing this requirement is a target.

PDCLib itself requires a simple librarian.


PDCLib itself can be built by issuing

# Win32 only: must specify which toolchain is in use
# If not building for the host platform
export PDCLIB_PLATFORM=your_platform 
# -q will cause Jam to exit after the first error. 
jam -q

To speed up the compilation, you may wish to pass -jN (where N is the number of processes to run in parallel) as a parameter to Jam, as this will speed up the compilation.

Running tests

PDClib includes two sets of tests:

  • The standard tests, executed by running jam test. These are built against PDCLib itself, and are therefore form a functionality test suite
  • “regtests”, which are executed by running jam regtest. These the mostly same tests, but run against your compiler's default C library. They serve two functions:
    • They enable you to test the conformance of your system's existing C library
    • They provide a mechanism for testing our tests - while executing correctly on the host system does not imply they are correct, failing to execute is an indicator that the test should be re-checked agianst the standard.
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