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Solar's Rootdirectory

I have been using the online nickname “Solar” (or “DevSolar” where the former was already taken) virtually forever, and this is my “starting point” to the web – my root directory.

Computers and Software

Originally this was all that was about. In an attempt to make my “web life” about more than just software, I pushed software-related subjects into the "software" namespace to make room for other things.

You might want to go to my two major software-related projects directly:

  • JAWS – (a ready-to-use CMake setup)
  • PDCLib – (a CC0 C Standard Library)


One of my other major pastimes is roleplaying games. My favourite game system is Rolemaster 2nd ed., which I re-edited and translated into German. The "Rolemaster" namespace contains material for the campaign I started preparing in 2016.

Can I join?

There is nothing to be joined here. Consider this a static personal homepage that happens to run on a dynamic backend (so it is easier to edit for me).

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